Lighting Services

Using state of the art lighting, our design experts will create the perfect look and feel for your event. Uplights to add décor, pin spots to highlight centerpieces, or something more unique, we’ve got it all.




Great way to set the ambiance of a room. Controlled lights that appear along the walls to bring more color into a room.


Pin Spot Lights

Used to draw attention to a specific spot of a room, such as a cake table, comment book table, guest tables, or centerpieces.


Wash Light

Used to throw light to a broader area, such as the stage for a Bride and Groom or a Dance Floor.


Dance Floor Lighting

Spin and shine multiple colors on a dance floor with the beat of the music.


Custom monogram on a wall / dance floor

Custom design such as Initials on a dance floor or wall.

gogo design

Designs on a Wall / Dance Floor

Pattern design on dance floor, wall or ceiling.


Projection Capability

Project your videos or pictures with one of our high-definition projection systems.


Photo Gallery