Uga Volunteer Agreement

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Conditions: Adult volunteers must be at least 18 years old. All volunteers are invited to complete an application and go through a screening process. This request and processes have been established and are in place to protect volunteers and everyone involved. Have you done any other volunteering (animal/non-animal)? If so, please describe. Keep safety on the cutting edge at all times Follow the rules presented to me in trainings and meetings Respect and use equipment and accessories as provided Immediately report all injuries to a volunteer employee or supervisor Volunteer drivers must pass a car exam (included in the voluntary application). Planned PEThood is an animal castration and rescue clinic. Our veterinary staff performs operations all day, Monday to Thursday, in our Duluth clinic. Volunteer opportunities at the clinic are limited. Our rescue organizes adoption sessions on weekends at several PetsMart sites. The care of our adoptable pets is provided by a network of volunteer nurses. Below are other opportunities we have for volunteers. Please select up to three people you are interested in: we always need volunteers to guide and support our programming. Volunteers are also encouraged to run special interest clubs where they have expertise or personal interest.

For more information on how to get involved as a volunteer, please contact one of 4 H`s collaborators. Respect others, although I may not agree with them Display courtesy, sensitivity, consideration and compassion for humans and animals Use good judgment in recognizing the scope of skills of volunteer staff and superior categories of volunteers (See full description in the UGA Volunteer Policy Overview extension): Supervision is defined as an adult who recognizes the behaviour of a young person (except with regard to the behaviour of a young person( the child of his or her personal child) during an activity or event. All adults with supervisory functions must be screened. UGA Cooperative Extension employees were checked during the recruitment process. See Volunteer Types for an explanation of the different stages of certification and screening. To start volunteering, please contact the Clayton County Extension Office. Volunteer signature Your name entered in this box above the form serves as a signature. By signing, you confirm that the information you have provided in this form is true. Recognizing a true commitment comes from within respect that people and animals rely on me to fulfill my commitments Working with collaborators and other volunteers to achieve furkid`s goals Please take a few minutes to tell us about them… .