Malaysia Legal Retainer Agreement

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Legal advice is at our clients` fingertips. Our personalized legal products We want our customers to see us as an integral part of their team. In addition, we provide law-maintenance services to clients` internal legal team by providing comprehensive document development, verification and advisory services and agreements with fixed monthly fees. Our clients range from developers, universities, steel and hardware producers to infrastructure/contractor developers. Our legal conservation services are flexible and allow our customers to adapt the package to its legal and budgetary requirements. We have extensive experience in bringing together two or more established companies to share their costs, resources and talents to achieve a common goal through joint ventures. We advise our clients on the provision of a corporate structure and unit, on the negotiation of joint ventures, on the development and development of all relevant agreements and documents. The consulting services are “Legal Support” (see above). Other aspects of the work often develop from consulting services, such as review. B, elaboration, etc. These are taken into account in the step-by-step endowments. Technical advice can sometimes lead to requirements that go beyond the scope of legal services, such as training.

B, program management development, audits, licensing applications, etc. Although we go outside the legal services field, we are able to facilitate cooperation with external consultants. Please note that these services are independent of conservation. Our legal preservation services are customizable and flexible so that we and our client can tailor a package to the legal and budgetary requirements of the client. That`s why we have a tailor-made plan for your business so you can manage your business in peace and we take care of legal matters. Litigation and commercial disputes. Contact us to learn more about our legal storage services and the associated fees. Our child care services provide security for businesses.

Our definitive services optimize the legal health of your business at a lower cost. Our legal security plan is tailored to companies that operate without the help of a lawyer. Disciplinary practice allows us to offer our clients comprehensive and consistent legal advice. Our At a minimum monthly fee, you will receive the legal activities of your business from a professional with less supervision, less legal conflicts, less stress, less loss. At TYH Co., we understand that your business can only prosper if your legal needs are met. 3 different monthly storage plans that meet your business needs. Disputes and synergy between their business strategies. Our retainer services have supported foreign, small, medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), we will provide a rate offer for all additional services.