Joint Procurement Agreement Steering Committee

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15 What are the chronological steps of the procedure? Award decision – The SPPSC takes the decision to award the contract on the basis of the opinion of the evaluation committee. Notification of the award decision to all successful and losing bidders Formal signature of the contract after 14 calendar days Standstill period 5 Why a joint procurement agreement? The AAA shall specify: Õ the practical arrangements for the joint procurement procedure;  the decision-making process concerning the choice of procedure; Õ the evaluation of tenders Õ the award of the contract. The process will be led by a Steering Committee of the Common Agreement on Government Procurement, which will be responsible for any matter related to the Joint Procurement Agreement, and by the Steering Committee of the Specific Procurement Procedure, which will be responsible for matters related to certain procurement procedures. “He stressed the need to establish a common procedure for the joint procurement of medical countermeasures, including pandemic vaccines, in order to allow Member States, on a voluntary basis, to improve their purchasing power and have equal access to vaccines and electronic means,” a Commission statement said. “The mechanism (joint sourcing) will benefit all EU countries, especially countries that had difficulties in purchasing vaccines for the H1N1 pandemic in 2009.” The signing of the joint procurement agreement will not mean a direct financial obligation for member states, the Commission said. A financial commitment is only necessary if Member States sign a contract following procurement procedures initiated on the basis of the agreement. “They will be able to provide their citizens with the necessary medicines and preserve them in better conditions than in the past,” Borg said. “I call on all Member States to sign the Agreement on Common Public Procurement as soon as possible, so that we can continue to stock up on pandemic vaccines.” 6 How does the Joint Procurement Mechanism work? The joint procurement agreement shall be managed by: Õ the JPASC; Steering Committee of the Joint Agreement on Government Procurement. Members: representatives of all Member States – Contracting Parties to the TPA Õ of the CPDCs; Steering Committees for specific procurement procedures. Members: Representatives of Member States participating in each specific procurement procedure The Steering Board of the Joint Agreement on Government Procurement will meet for the first time when ten participating countries have ratified the Joint Procurement Agreement and discuss the first vaccines and medicines to be obtained jointly. In practice, at least four Member States must meet to ask the European Commission to launch a joint call for tenders. The benefits of joint procurement vary from one party to another: for Member States – especially smaller countries with lower purchasing power – this means, inter alia, more means and bargaining power, fairer access to medical countermeasures and better security of care.

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