Foley Agreement Aib

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Both the bank and the union confirmed yesterday that the deal was independent of the sustaining progress national wage agreement, which expires this month. The state`s largest bank has reached a wage agreement with its workers that is not in line with the terms of the national agreement. Barry O`Halloran reports An AIB spokesman said the deal was independent of both the current deal and its successor. This package was agreed between management and the union, but it met with opposition from the government. The Bureau recognizes and welcomes the benefits of diversity among its members, including the diversity of skills, experience, background, gender and other qualities, and is committed to finding over time the most appropriate blend and balance of diversity. A new grenade prowled deep into the foundations of the columned benches. The Board of Directors is responsible for corporate governance, which includes the management, direction and control of the group. It assesses the basis on which the group generates and maintains long-term value and is responsible for financial performance vis-à-vis shareholders. The Board of Directors is also responsible for approving high-level policies and strategic directions regarding the nature and extent of the risk that the Group is willing to take to achieve its strategic objectives and for maintaining an adequate system of internal control. The diversity and inclusion of AIB Group staff is addressed through policies, practices and values that recognize that a productive workforce includes different work styles, cultures, generations, genders and ethnicity.

The AIB Group opposes any form of unlawful or unfair discrimination. The effectiveness of the associated policies and practices as well as the anchoring of the group`s values are monitored by the Board of Directors. There is a Sustainable Business Advisory Committee (SBAC) which is an advisory committee for the Board of Directors. It is composed of non-executive executive directors and members of management to support the implementation of the group`s sustainable development strategy. SBAC develops and secures the Group`s “Social License to Operate”, so that the Group contributes to the prosperity of its customers and society as an integral part of the Group`s business and activities. The IBOA finance union will have to seek the advice of its AIB members when Ulster Bank`s agreement is replicated. He pointed out that the duration of the agreement was above average due to the strong competition for staff. The process includes an assessment of the effectiveness of internal controls.

For more information, see the annual financial report. What emerges from the LRC will be voted on by IBOA AIB staff. Since 2000, the annual financial report, the interim/half-yearly financial report and the annual report have been available on the group`s website on Form 20-F. .