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Both fathers want the best for their children, but what happens if they choose the best, is it the other? Of course, they create a contract. You can have my body, but you will never have my love. I have nothing for you except hatred and disgust. It`s a beautiful story. I would like to see a finished version. . For Liam, Amara is just a cold ice cream that doesn`t attract Amara`s only advantage, it`s the fact that she`s the sole and successful heir to the company in which Liam built her career. When the madwoman offers a deal too tempting to be rejected, Liam catches her. Life with Amara isn`t easy – she has a confusing nature with explosive anger that often frustrates Liam. But when he discovers part of Amara`s past, Liam begins to change his mind. Amara may not be as cool as he thought. It`s a shame, Liam doesn`t have much time to change his mind about him. The whispering bad words of his dying father turned the memories in Marsh Bravo`s head.

He and Victoria Winningham learn something about love in the back of his old Plymouth Duster. The last fight with his old man, who hellishly left him behind Oklahoma and his beloved. Now he had gone home to hear that I wanted to explore every penny of your body so you couldn`t hide anything else from me. If you love John so much, why does your body react to every touch from me, Amber? Your body loves me more. Aurora Burke is the daughter of Everett Burke, Ryan Steel`s best friend. She is a frank mind with a good head on her shoulders, but she still manages to get into trouble. For Amara, Liam was an idiot who had to be avoided six years ago, and the man harassed her. He is back to ruin Amber`s marriage. Maybe for the storm, it`s all just a game. Amber couldn`t even guess the man`s ultimate goal. But how could Amber let her lover endure her half-sister`s hatred? If marrying Storm can save John, it`s worth it for Amber.

But that`s all Storm would get from him. . Please update. . An incredible story. Please update!!. My contact will never hurt you. It will cause you to beg more. Do you trust me? You just want to embarrass me, don`t you? But remember as soon as I got pregnant, you went out. We divorce. .

In Kingston`s eyes, Scarlett was the kind of weak woman who always allowed herself to be exploited by men. When Kingston finds clear in an affair, Scarlett easily jumps to bed to comfort him. .