Blades of a fan

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I’ve done some shit in my life. Some good, some bad.  Some people I may have helped, some people I’ve definitely hurt. Made some friends, some enemies. I’ve improved, deteriorated, loved, feared, laughed, danced, fought.  Gave everything up for a while, took it all in later.  Some people disappeared, others hung around. Some things I’m […]

Letter to my nephew

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Happy New Year Pravir, I wish more peace and happiness for you this year.  Time is a concept that none of us really understand.  How one moment actually changes to the next.  Why space exists, why movement exists, why all of this has created all of us?  What is it all supposed to be about, […]

Living as a reminder

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My brother fell today.  He had been standing for far too long.  The earth crumbled beneath him, all we could do was watch.  He just slipped away. Jim Sun, MBA Graduating Class of 2000.    It reminds me that we are all vulnerable.  None of us can escape the thoughts that run through our minds.  […]


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What people appreciate the most is the people.  That’s what we learn at the Walk for Hope each year.  Sure the quotes are great.  This year they were even hand made and literally took over three months to create.  The activity stations are great too, they give the walkers a chance to pause, interact and reflect.  But […]

Guest is God

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Brain Surgery!  Doctor, Doctor, can you help me?  There is a hole in my mind.  I once knew how to function logically, now I seem to have lost all perspective, in short, I’ve lost a grip on my reality.  As if my existence has turned to rose pedals and they float and extend in every […]

I bow to the paint on my walls

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Wow! I got seriously tagged with an act of anonymous kindness last week. Actually,”seriously pummeled” with kindness is more like it. I spent 26 days at a meditation retreat, mainly to begin the process of self purification through self discovery…I guess you could call it a renovation of the interior walls of my mind. As […]

Dude, where’s my car?

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I walked outside late in the afternoon. These days I typically slept in – being unemployed has many benefits. The sun was beaming down on us as it always does. It was mildly cloudy, mildly windy… all in all, it was the perfect day. I stepped outside the apartment complex. I thought of my best […]

Chughzy’s Beard

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Ik Onkar. Satnam. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa. Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh. “There is no such thing as a Hindu or a Muslim, there is only one religion: Humanity” – Guru Nanak Dev Ji. There have been many spiritual teachers that each have prescribed a path of unity to us all. Each teaching us that there […]